We created our brand Bascuda because as a team of creative people, we are passionate about producing beautiful handmade ceramics.

We took our inspiration from the word ‘Busqueda’ which means ‘Search’ and as part of our research process, we searched all of the market places to understand the types of ceramics currently being sold, as we wanted to create a niche product that our customers would enjoy,

enhance and beautify their lifestyle.

Following the success of our brand, we decided to expand and create two new brands Bascuda Home and Bascuda Kids.

Door Delivery

Our hand-painted ceramics range includes bowls, coasters, and trivets. We have produced high quality ceramics for you to enjoy and there’s a range of timeless patterns to suit everyone’s style including Greek, Mexican, Moroccan,


Turkish and more.

Each of our colourful range of ceramics is carefully crafted, with time, care and love. We are passionate about producing high quality products that can be used for home, office or as decorative pieces.


We believe our ceramics to be unique and colourful, making the perfect gift for your loved ones.

We expanded on our brand Bascuda, so we created Bascuda Home and produced high quality, textiles including cotton fitted sheets.


The natural softness of cotton is reflected in our products.


We are currently selling our Bascuda Home range on our Amazon store and have created rich product descriptions for each of the listings.


We created our brand Bascuda Kids to sell Wooden Balance Games, a beautiful range of fun cards, ranging from puzzles to memory cards in different themes.


These educational learning games are great for home and traveling.


Leave your child with peace of mind while taking time for your daily tasks.